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Christmas on a budget will be at the top of most agendas this Christmas so to help you make the most of this time of the year here is your free guide to the perfect cost free Christmas without busting the bank.
Advent Brussels
1 x Egg Box
24 x Brussels
1 x Marker Pen
Turn that unhealthy chocolate advent calendar into something more exciting and healthy with our advent brussels. Each day you get to carefully unwrap each piece revealing a juicy delicious centre with crunch. Imagine a child’s delight as each day they get to decide how they would like to eat their brussel, will they microwave, bake, boil, fry or eat or raw? The possibilities are endless.
Take each brussel and using the pen add a number between 1-24, on the reverse draw something Christmassy like a goat or cat. Place carefully in the egg box. Remove one each day, unwrap and enjoy!
N.B. For an extra special treat add Christmas Day by writing 25 on a pickled onion.
This exquisite cracker was made using household items, it has all the surprises a real cracker has and looks attractive to boot but it was SO easy to make.
1 x Toilet roll tube, if not are available ask neighbours to save theirs.
1 x A great joke, feel free to use mine or this one ‘How do shortsighted ghosts see? With spookticles!’
1 x A hat made from paper or newspaper rolled into a cone and secured using tape.
6 x Peas, everyone loves the versatile pea and it makes an excellent gift.
1 x Spaghetti, snap in two and place both pieces in the tube, when pulled the pasta ‘cracks’ making an excellent substitute bang.
Place everything inside the bog roll and decorate with paper to seal the ends. Grab both ends and pull to enjoy.
N.B. Crackers are best shared with two people although one handed pulling is permitted but it’s not as satisfying. Different toilet roll tubes have different pulling strengths, always be aware of elf and safety.
Very easy to make these attractive pleasant smelling Christmas ornament would grace any home with their simplicity and design. Take any brussel and carefully peel away one layer leaving it attached at the top to give a pleasing skirt effect as above. Using a screwdriver make a small hole and thread through a short piece of string, ideally reclaimed free from potato sacks or use shoelaces instead.
Do the same for the satsumas but this time decorate them using your imagination, be creative, you can even personalise them and sell them on Etsy.
N.B. Use less force with the screwdriver when tackling the satsuma, juice can squirt in any direction so always wear protective clothing when tackling citrus fruits.
1 x Paper cone
1 x Brussel
Place the brussel on top of the cone and decorate as shown above to give yourself a celestial choir that is so realistic you can almost hear the sound of carols drifting through the house. After a couple of hours you could have made an entire chorister gathering or whatever and you can take great pleasure in singing out loud Christmas carols as you join in with your new found friends. Our angel above has a special expression called the ‘surprised altar boy’, other expressions are available from good book shops.
Don’t forget, this can also join our project from Summer when we made a boyfriend/girlfriend from carrots and onions so you never have to feel lonely ever again.
N.B. If you did make our project from the summer it’s probably best to change the carrot anytime now.
Finally the gift that keeps on giving, brussels, the main problem is though is wrapping them. Here is our demystified guide to brussel wrapping.



Place brussel on paper, stand on one leg and using your right hand grasp the brussel and pull up the paper using your left hand. Change legs then use your mouth to grab a bit of tape and stick. Voila! Do this to an entire 5lb bag of brussels and you will keep the children busy unwrapping until Christmas dinner keeping them from getting under your feet. Teach them to peel them as they unwrap and you have Christmas dinner veg covered too, it really is the gift that keeps on giving all the year round.


I hope these handy tips save you a few bob during the festive period, you can find these tips and more in my latest book about saving money and scrimping called ‘The 365 Day Scrooge’ only £99.99 or twelve monthly payments of £10 at a typical 263% Apr


Merry Scrimping Christmas and a Sponging New Year to one and all!


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