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Rub My Tummy

Somewhere out in Alibaabaa land is the Mystical Can Of Pledges, a magical can that once pressed cleans wooden furniture and causes the genie of the can to appear to the lucky holder, today that lucky person is you.

“Welcome, I am the genie of the Pledge Can and you the holder are my master and I grant you three wishes, I’m also hard of hearing so you will have to shout up a little. What is your first wish my new master?”

“Oh, wow! is this for real? I know, I always wanted to try this. I wish for an never ending amount of wishes!”

“Your wish is my command master. Here are your ever bending mounts for dishes. An unusual request as I can only imagine you have a limited amount of dishes to display but there you go.”

“No! Not dishes, I wished for wishes you stupid genie are you really that deaf or something? I want my wish back.”

“No can do I’m afraid, speak up a little I’m a tad deaf. You have two wishes left, maybe you would like some dishes to go with your bendy mounts?”

“Right, listen very carefully. ARE YOU READY?”

“No need to shout master. Yes, I am ready, wish away.”

“I would like to wish for… Got it so far?”

“Yes, loud and clear master.”

“A wish a day for the rest of my life.”

“Your wish is my command. A dish, a tray and a vest for my wife. Shazam!”

“Noooo! You stupid, stupid flippin genie, I wish you could hear properly I only have one wish left.”

“That’s not quite true, you have no wishes left master, by the way did you hear that pin drop a second ago?”



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