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Roll Up, Roll Up

OMG! Peter is being let loose again this weekend! Not content with being a stay in the studio nuisance he is hitting the road to become a liability for others at not one but two cool locations. Roll up, Roll up, come along and see just how mentally unstable he really is and if his feet really do come to the end of those ridiculous shoes.

Should you want to risk meeting Peter he will be at the following galleries this weekend

Saturday 16th Artisan Galleries, Kingston-Upon-Thames between 1-4pm

Sunday 17th Trident Galleries, Leicester between 12-3pm

All welcome although protective clothing will be issued on the day we cannot guarantee responsibility for your safety especially if Peter is allowed brushes or crayons.

*NB Tapir not included, photo is not representative of Peter in any way, shape or form apart from his big nose of course.

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