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This is the final entry for the Bloodlines release week and it ends with the opening event you are all invited to. This Saturday 7th September will be the official launch of Bloodlines at Castle Fine Art in Nottingham, our local gallery. It will be the first time you can see the full collection and the unique thirty eight page brochure which includes a special research section for you to get involved with the murder mystery embedded in the paintings.

It’s not restricted to Lost Impossimals so if you are an Impossimal fan come along too, there will be plenty of work on display as we Impossimalise the entire gallery for the launch. No invite is necessary, we will both be there between 12-3pm to chat, sign and take you personally through the Bloodlines collection.

One opening event that heralds a thirty gallery appearance schedule leading us right up to Christmas, we even have two Tuppenny Pennysaurus on display and a few rare carefully selected originals adding to the fun.

Find the hidden cupcakes, spot the pick’n’mix differences, marvel at the contents of Catpuss & Co window display and discover the secret of the second shelf. Come along, have fun and enjoy the lunacy of Bloodlines, a unhinged romp through history with a dollop of Impossimal madness thrown in for good measure.

Saturday 7th September, Castle Fine Art, Nottingham 12-3pm

Ahem, now that’s off my chest the blog will return on Monday with a recap of tomorrow then it will slowly slide into its comfortable lunacy and uncomfortable situations before descending into a shambolic written mess often compared to a cat running across a keyboard.

Wearing clogs.

With a limp.


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