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Nottingham #1

The end of the week of posts leading up to the opening event and wow, the gallery was decked out with an ten foot Sherlock Sidewinder to greet us along with a fantastic display filling the window.

Opening events are always a little awkward as its the first time the new work is on show for the collectors to see first hand but as you can see above the gallery soon started to fill. It was the first time too we had appeared at Castle Fine Art after its move earlier in the year so we were keen to see how it had fared. It looked impressive with a great viewing room downstairs to see any artwork in a more intimate environment and a fantastic double fronted space to boot in which hung Bloodlines.

As you can see collectors came along to view the new work and collected pieces, we also had the two new sculptures available to see for the very first time along with several oil sketches and unique originals. At all the events will be a selection of very rare Impossimal pieces, so if you have been looking for something special and have not been able to locate it you may be lucky at one of the appearances on the tour.

So a fab day all round kicking off the thirty appearances, if you do get chance, pop along and say hello at any of the dates and this applies to Impossimal and Lost Impossimal collectors alike, it may be Bloodlines but we are still Impossimal mad through and through!

Finally the official tour guide is now available, they are packed with stories and behind the scenes info but are too big to post out so contact your local gallery near any of the events to secure your copy or turn up on the day to get it personally signed.

Next up Saturday 14th, Artisan Gallery, Epping and Sunday 15th, Castle Galleries, Stratford Upon Avon.


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