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Norwich Or Bust

Artists are queer people, they smell of linseed and dress oddly to the rest of us. They have sticks full of pig bristles and squeeze coloured snakes from metal tubes as if by magic. They then dip the pig bristles in the colourful snakes and make a mess on something called a canvas.

 Artists sleep upside down like bats and have reoccurring nightmares about one day having to become normal. At night they use sonar location to find the nearest wine bottle and talk endlessly about themselves to themselves.

 Artists have big chillies and like to show off their big chillies by painting them red.

Most nights artists can be found laying down in a pile of corks from their many wine binges they have to cope with the mental stress of creativity.

If you wish to see an example of an artist and how thoroughly distressing they look in real life then we have our professional drunk ‘Peter Smith’ on display this weekend Saturday 12th September at Castle Fine Art in Norwich between 12-3pm. Come along for an unstable chat with this weirdo before we lock him back up and throw away the key.

Castle Fine Art has now moved and has a brand spanking deluxe gallery space at its new location 13 Back Of The Inns, Norwich. Peter will be specially caged on the day to avoid public distress and harm so please come along, he won’t bite. Well, not much anyway. Please keep all arms and legs away from Peter and under no circumstances give him a brush.

See you tomorrow in sunny Norwich 🙂

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