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My Name Is Alice

Well, this is the first blog from the new Impossimal HQ studio and what a few weeks it has been. We still do not have the Internet, estimates is another two weeks so this is being typed and posted from an itsy-bitsy phone on an ever so weak signal from the bottom of the garden. It’s no bad thing, although living without the Internet exposes quite a few limitations, no online banking, limited online grocery ordering, sparse photos of cats doing amusing things, the usual kind of thing.

So why the move? Well, for a start both of us working from a ten by ten shed was never going to last, too little space with plenty of colliding chairs and such and also the size of our artwork was severely limited, I really don’t know how we have lasted nearly eleven years in such cramped conditions so out goes the shed and in its place a wonderful new studio space that’s eleven by eleven. Only kidding, it’s at least four times the size and fully insulated, even better it’s in the middle of a special nowhere.

To move house we had to endure twelve weeks of upheaval which at times pushed us and at other times pleased us, either way we are here now and the Impossimals are about to make their biggest return yet.

Lost Alice, a collection and tour completed at the same time as moving, we worked from packed boxes, we worked sitting on crates, we did everything we could to make sure the collection had the minimum of upheaval although even that was difficult when we dismatled the old studio and had to work pretty much anywhere we could set up an easel.

This weekend sees the preview launch at the ICC in Birmingham in which galleries up and down the UK get to see the entire collection for the very first time. You will get to see it pretty soon after with little taster posts across the weekend. All this in preparation for the release of the tour dates where you can come along to various galleries and hear the stories, share your Alice enthusiasm and generally have a good time.

I have purposely kept a lot back from this tour and only let you know little snippets so a little more information wouldn’t go amiss. To complete the pieces I had to write another Alice book, it will be available in a short abridged form and the full text will be available on our Lost Alice website a little later along with a lot of the background work. Incidentally ALL the Alice maquettes I created for this collection will also be available from the galleries on a first come, first served basis along with several rather detailed oil sketches and six originals. Jayne has also produced two new pieces to accompany the collection, both pretty stunning and unlike her previous work.

So all in all a busy weekend beckons so let me leave it to the Hatter to finish everything off, it’s all going to get rather surreal…

The door blew open with such force that Alice tumbled to the floor, an angry roar came from inside and a billow of flame shot out and licked the sky, Alice rose to her feet only to see a world in turmoil through the door, a red land of volcanoes and arid earth, leaping fire pits and billowing smoke was all around and a tumultuous noise poured out.

“Who disturbs my sleep? Who wishes to feel my wrath? Who wishes to taste my fury!” boomed an unknown voice from out of the turmoil almost deafening Alice.

“Time to finish you!” shouted the Hatter quickly drawing out his knife and leaping towards Alice with an evil look in his eye.

“NO!” shouted Alice in horror as the Hatter, his knife raised high landed beside her, eye twirling furiously as he slammed the door shut and wedged his blade in the door frame to keep it closed.

“That was Anger,” said the Hatter nonchalantly, “one of the seven deadly sins you left behind dear Alice, another is Sloth, he makes young girls fail to cut their hair.”


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