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Mr Handz Datdodishes

Unfortunately Peter is an artist, recent medical advances have still not found a cure for this crippling condition that renders Peter unable to conduct himself correctly in public places as he lives in a make believe fantasy world that expired sometime around 1979. As part of Peters rehabilitation we are trawling him around the galleries to allow him to experience full immersion therapy which will hopefully knock this silly artist idea out of his head and make him get a proper job.

Peter will be on display this weekend at two venues for you to come along and poke, the first is Castle Galleries, Cribbs Causeway, Bristol on Saturday 9th between 2-5pm and the second is on Sunday 10th at Castle Galleries, Chester between 12-3pm.

All events are free, just turn up on the day where Peter will be happy to chat to you about his awkward ‘artist’ condition and to also offer advice on how to create a blog entry from nothing more than an orange, two rubber gloves and a piece of paper.

Both events will be stuffed full with Impossimals and the new Bloodlines collection, you may even get a few hints as to the solution of the murder encoded within the eight paintings…

See you this weekend 🙂


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