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Mr Cycle Path And The Puncture

Mr Cycle Path Man was having a bit of a bad day. It had all started out all right with a nice little walk in the warm air, his curved arms swinging with every step he took.

Soon though he noticed his legs were feeling a bit wobbly, maybe it was too many sherbets the night before. Either way the swinging of the curvy arms stopped so he could take a closer look.

Startled he looked down, his legs had a mind of their own, not only were they now wobbly but they were pointing in the wrong direction! Worryingly he had also swollen up in the crotch region.

So he decided to carry on only this time on tiptoe. Gingerly moving his arms as he tried to balance he carried on walking.

Only to feel absolutely deflated as he realised that his bike had two punctures making for a very difficult ride.

Even the addition of a yellow flower didn’t cheer him up at all. Still, he had another bike he could use.

Oh my, that one’s broke too.

These fun figures form part of a cycle route near our home, I only wished I photographed more because the first one I came across was practically running with glee. I was even more gleeful when I realised they kept switching lanes much to the confusion of the cyclist and walker, one minute you’re on the right as a cyclist the next you switch to the left into oncoming people, wonderful!

Very artistic, maybe a template would be a good idea although I do have a cunning plan to pop out with a tin of white paint and spruce them up a bit with clothes and speech bubbles. They vary in size too, the biggest we found was a strapping four footer and the smallest a mere two foot although none of them looked like they ate much, maybe they are introducing lanes for sizes as well as people and bikes, all we need now is a dog and cat lane, I for one can’t wait to see what they will look like.

Whilst we are talking street furniture and stuff, anybody got an idea what this is? I have seen a couple of them attached to lampposts scattered around, as well as the brand new black cameras that are appearing on every route in and around our area which I assume is the mass number plate scanning system for road charging. This one eludes me though, it looks like a sensor of some kind, but what for?



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