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You may have noticed that there has been little or scant posting of the blog and Impossimal stuff recently, it’s not that I have been remiss it’s all down to the fact that Impossimal HQ is relocating which unfortunately occurred at the same time as we lost Iona, one of our quirky three continental giant rabbits who live at Bunnyopolis.

So Bunnyopolis 2 begins, this time in a more countrified setting where Aaran and Jura can spend the rest of their days enjoying a little easy living. As you can imagine combining the loss of such a character with a large upheaval and countless other minor and major hiccups has been quite something, however we are within days of bringing everything to a conclusion and finishing the relocation just in time for Lost Alice, this years major release.

In a way the move is very befitting, our new HQ shares the same age as Alice In Wonderlands creator and indeed includes a garden swing and rabbit hole, it’s in this new place that I will finish writing Lost Alice just in time for it’s first showing at the beginning of September.

We will be travelling up and down the country with the tour; from Glasgow to Sheffield, from Manchester to Newcastle, Lost Alice and indeed both of us will be making an appearance along with many new stories to be told.

New beginnings, new artwork, new stories and new Alice.

We can’t wait!

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