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Meet A Loon

Depending on how you did in yesterday’s loon test you may wish to pop by Castle Galleries in Nottingham this coming Saturday 22nd between 1-4pm to meet two professional buffoons Peter & Jayne Smith who will be on show and without restraints for several hours. Come to stare, point, poke or generally prod but please this time no time travellers, (just because you used two different doors to get in the gallery doesn’t make you Dr Who) or indeed balaclava masked criminals.

Also while we are talking about this please no stuffed sharks, harmonica playing or off duty mascots that decide to gatecrash for the attention, it’s doesn’t look good when we have to manhandle a seven foot parrot in a T-Shirt that says ‘Squawk If You Shine’ out of the gallery because they were walking around patting people on the head like in 2010.

All welcome (with the above exceptions, oh, and people that cut my head out of brochures to stick on lights switches so they can ‘turn me on’ and tell me as if it’s the most perfectly normal thing in the world to do. Oh my!) at this free event that will feature plenty of Impossimally Impossimals along with the new range of sculpture and several originals to boot.

Today’s blog has been bought to you by Shameless Plugs Ltd, See you Saturday where it’s nearly your last chance to find golden hares and a chance to win big!


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