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Master Minder

Arthur Daley here, Your modern entrepreneur is constantly gazing into the crystal ball of opportunity so have a gander at my latest money maker, a quiz show. Get anything wrong and I’ll send Terry round to push you down the apple and pears.
Your chosen subject is answering questions using a song title, lets begin.
Q. What was Fergie, The Duchess Of York known as and by whom?
A. Queen and ‘Fat Bottomed Girls’
Q. In the popular book Fifty Shades Of Grey what happens in the red room?
A. Meat Loaf and ‘I’d do anything for love (But I won’t do that)’
Q. You discover a small insect in the bath, what is it?
A. Beatles and ‘She Came In Through The Bathroom Window’
Q. In fiscal policy describe the current euro situation in three words.
A. Europe and ‘The Final Countdown’
Q. In the bible what chapter did Moses appear in and what could he not do?
A. Genesis and ‘I Can’t Dance’
That’s it for this round, now for the general knowledge round where you supply a question to my answer.
A. Chimp Scissors.
Q. What do you call scissors for cutting chest hair?
A. A Clowns Pocket.
Q. Where would a clown put his hankie?
A. No.
Q. Is there a way to scratch a scratch card without scratching it?
A. A Blowhole.
Q. If you eat a curry followed by pizza and six pints of lager what do you get?
Finally for a bonus point fill in the blanks using just one word.
——- is good for you although you can get wet handling it and a slippery one is difficult to hold on to. ——- come in all sizes, from the disappointing to the oh my god variety, size though makes no difference to your enjoyment unless of course you are trying to please a lot of people at once.
The correct answer was of course ‘fish’
You have scored 0/0
Want to buy a new motor?
I have just the one for you, only one lady owner.

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