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Maquette It Up

The studio is gradually filling up with lots and lots of Maquettes, small models that are used to help with the main painting, so much so that I’m having to box a few of them as they seem to be getting bigger and bigger. Not sure if it’s a good thing but at least I’m building up quite a collection of potential future sculptures.

The one above is from a painting you may have seen called ‘Togetherness’, this was always going to be tricky because in the painting you can get away with not making the Impossimals lay together correctly. When it’s sculpted there’s no place to hide so this piece extends way beyond what the painting depicts.

More simpler to create was this, it weighs quite a bit and had to be supported with the use of a rod through the centre heavily glued in using hot glue to hold it all together.

More complex was the bathtub, all of which had to be constructed out of wire, cardboard and balsa wood before the clay was added to the outside and shaped. Cracks appeared in the sides where the moisture was absorbed a little too quickly from the clay but this was sealed using PVA glue before being painted, all part of the look and feel of a first rough sculpture. It turned out quite nice and I can imagine would make a really nice sculpture if I sat and worked on it properly.

Even more complex though are the scenes, this one involves real chocolate flooding through a doorway. The chocolate was held in place using hot glue which had to be applied before the chocolate melted but once set it was quite solid. Unfortunately due to the food stuff this model will be destroyed when finished with but the room set will be kept.

So a few of the many models that are being produced at the moment, I wonder how many I will have at the end of the year?


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