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Lost & Found

With only six weeks left I’m pushing time to complete what I set out to do last November and finish a body of work that goes way beyond anything I have attempted before. Two of the pieces have taken me six months to complete, the remaining four need to be done by the end of July and I’m feeling the pressure.

Bloodlines, the last Lost Impossimal collection was a mammoth task, with numerous models and props used to create the scenes, Lost Alice is that times ten. So far I have built a six foot long tea party, an eight and a half foot rabbit hole and parts of Wonderland normally not seen before including a completely bonkers Tweedle Dum and Tweedle Dee piece that uses hammers to make a point. Over a thousand pieces of sculpture has been created to populate the scenes and each character has its own maquette for reference with four being selected to transform into full sculptures as part of the tour.

So yes, it’s a major job but one I’m thoroughly enjoying along the way. Jayne has joined me on this journey helping to create a lot of the background material and indeed designing and creating two special pieces herself which will run along side the releases in the galleries.

Gallery appearances are being sorted as we speak and we should get chance to visit some of the galleries we have not returned to for a number of years. All exciting stuff and it all starts in September when the madness of Alice meets the Impossimals for what promises to be a memorable collection of the surreal!

Oh, and before I forget there is just one other bit of news; the Impossimals are currently in Las Vegas. Just why and what they are doing there will be revealed shortly…


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