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Just over a week to go until Bloodlines is unleashed and I’m frantically trying to sort everything out as quick as possible. After what seemed like an eternity sculpting, painting and writing them all its got to this stage so quickly and we are only two weeks away from the first appearance. So I though I would take this opportunity to describe the work to you, not as in trying to build a mental picture but rather why they exist in the first place.

Just imagine that in your head is another world, a world that you can walk around in, open doors, peer into rooms and stroll down its streets. A world of sights, sounds and smells that are all vaguely familiar yet strangely comforting, it’s not crowded, its not noisy, its not anything really, just everything.

Next imagine that you could take photographs of the places you visit in your head, snapshots of every day life, little incidents, marvels, intrigue and strangeness. Now take all those photographs and blow them up to full size. These are the Bloodline paintings, not random paintings depicting strangely familiar creatures but a series of snapshots that you can step in to.

In one you see a house with a door and wonder what is inside. In the next you are in the house looking around the room, the wonderful smell of baking drifts from the kitchen but you get distracted when you see a bottle of orange liquid and you wonder how it tastes. In the next you see the results of tasting the bottle and notice a bag of sweets has been spilt cascading to the bottom of the picture, you follow the line of the dropping sweets into the street below to find yourself in the next painting outside a sweet shop following a trail of broken chocolate, the trail leads into an alley and past a fancy dress shop in the next. You enter.

A strange collection of items are scattered on the shop counter, a box of matches, a seashell, a sheriffs badge amongst many others. Red curtains cover a small changing room in the corner, you approach and pull them apart, behind them is a theatre with a stage, a magician encircled by cards is enticing the audience. In the next painting you join the audience, transfixed, memories take you back to remember where you first saw the magician. You were sat in front of a fire in an inn next to the sea, just like in the painting to its side, it was a stormy night when the magician entered the bar and you vividly remember his pale pallor, his gnarled hands and his piercing eyes. Just then you hear a scream, a scream like no other…

The above paragraphs have just described every painting in the Bloodlines releases, a flight of fancy that will take you on a journey of discovery and end where your nightmares start.

Bloodlines is a collection of paintings you can step in, live in, breathe in. Each one has been painted at such an angle that if it was enlarged to human sized proportions it would look like you have just opened a door to peer in. All of them join with other paintings to create a painted virtual world that once complete you will be able to walk from one painting to another and discover what’s behind every door, every window and walk every street. All it takes is one small step.

Only eight days of sanity left.


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