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Dr Joseph Bell

Forensic Consultant.

Perplex Research,

Kings Road,

Edinburgh EH16 4SD

Edward Trumpington

Head Curator,

National Museum Of Antiquities,

Cromwell Row,

London SW7 5BD

29th May 2013


RE: Charles Burroughs Lost Impossimals


Dear Edward Trumpington,

Hope you are well. We have now completed our initial analysis of the Lost Impossimal paintings and include our findings in the attached documents. Unfortunately our research raises more questions than answers and I’m sure you will want to meet to discuss the matter further.

Initial ultraviolet fluorescence and infrared reflectography investigations reveal that all the paintings contain pigments from different historical periods whilst carbon dating places individual pieces as being completed on a bewildering timeline starting from dates as early as 1325 and as late as 1989.

This is where it gets more puzzling; according to our X-ray radiography report the paintings have been added to over a significant period of time. The Tuppenny Pennysaurus is a prime example; carbon dating the original painting gives us a start date of 1760-65 whilst X-rays shows a single Lost Impossimal stood in a basic landscape that lay for many years untouched. The detailed background was a much later addition around 1780-84 whilst the objects scattered around the Pennysaurus have pigment dates spanning the early nineteenth century.

We also noticed they carbon date in clusters, six appear to have been painted in 1499, twelve in 1541 and a further three in 1602. This pattern is repeated over and over again every century, it’s as though we are dealing with paintings that have not been merely ‘Lost’ but rather safeguarded for hundreds of years, steadily their numbers being added to, their complexity increased as if they are trying to shout through history.

All this points to the glaring fact that Charles Burroughs, the great Victorian explorer, could not have possibly painted all the Lost Impossimals, the time frame is just too large to even contemplate although I do think at least twelve can be attributed to him. We have stumbled onto something very big indeed, more than one person is involved that is for sure, the Lost Impossimals have their own bloodline, a physical presence through history, we even have a starting date but who painted the first and how or why they exist remains a mystery.

One other thing, yesterday I was followed, nothing sinister but I was aware of a distinctly odd fellow watching from the shadow of a doorway. Maybe we should keep this under wraps until we find out just what and who we are dealing with.

Yours Sincerely,



Dr Joseph Bell

Forensic Consultant

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