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Let’s Roll

Psssst, only three appearances left to get your special Impossimal dedications or to hear the stories behind your Impossimal pieces before Peter gets locked in his studio for two years without food or water with only Plasticine and a few matchsticks for company.

This weekend is a big weekend, not only will Peter be bringing his Impossimals to a brand new gallery but he will also be appearing at one of the UK’s largest shopping centres on Sunday when he visits Bluewater. Both events are free and will feature plenty of retro Impossimals, new Impossimals and the latest Bloodlines Lost Impossimals as the tour enters it’s final flurry of appearances.

Saturday 14th December, 2-5pm Castle Fine Art, Cheltenham

Sunday 15th December, 1-4pm Castle Galleries, Bluewater

‘I’d give my left ball to get to either of these appearances this weekend’ – Elton John

‘I’d karate chop my grandmother to get to either of these appearances.’ – Bruce Lee

‘I’d join the dark side to get to Cheltenham on Saturday to meet Peter.’ – Princess Leia

‘I don’t give a toss, just look at my butt. LOOK AT IT!’ – Mick Jagger

‘Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the greatest of them all, it’s me, cat, isn’t it.’ – Diedre Barlow

‘I’m coming to the appearance with all my friends in revenge for all the cat pictures.’ – Tigger

‘It says here that he’s a tosser. Just sayin’ – Will Smith

‘I can’t believe it’s not butter.’ – Queen Elizabeth II

See you this weekend!


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