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It’s Krazy!

After sorting out the studio ready for the move I thought I would share with you a few japes that I grew up with, one in particular was a comic called Krazy. It often carried fake adverts and general randomness but I really enjoyed the imagination that went into the back cover so over the course of the year it was transformed into numerous things so you could disguise the fact the you were reading or indeed carrying your comic. I don’t have half of the editions but here’s a few I dug out for you.

Simply roll up your comic and it becomes a handy stock of rock. Quite what I would use it for is beyond me at the moment but this additional bit of thought appealed to me in my younger years.

More useful was this, a mock up of a school exercise book which as you can see I have conveniently filled in ready to fool teacher. Simply flick your comic over and it becomes just another book on your desk. Obviously it all falls apart when you open it to reveal cartoon strips but hey, I believed it could work. 

This was maybe my favourite, a mirth making book shelf, something I replicated in my painting of the Sherlock Sidewinder in 2012. Strange how things stay in your mind for so long.

Want to read at the dinner table instead of gobbling all those stuff greens? No problem, transform your comic into a place mat and voilà, camouflaged comic ready for a perusal between courses. So in the spirit of the Krazy comic I decided to bring it up to date and give you your own office jape using the latest technology. 

It’s incredibly complex to do so bare with me, you will need a printer, a photocopier and of course, victims.

Save the above image and print it out ten times onto normal photocopy paper. Go to your office photocopier and load in the now printed paper underneath the first few blank pages. Make sure its in the correct way so anything that is photocopied goes over this image. Wait. Watch. Then promptly you will probably be sacked but that’s all part of the fun.

Imagine an important meeting, a table full of serious faces all ready to go through the latest report which is facing them on the table. They all pick it up and start flicking though it, then one of them notices the word FUTTOCK! written across the report of the person opposite and starts sniggering. They in turn look over and see the word FUTTOCK! too and joins in. Pretty soon the whole office is laughing at such a clever jape and they start an internal inquiry to find the culprit and thank them for making their day. Probably.

So its Thursday, one day away from the best day of the working week so start your day with a FUTTOCK! and brighten up meetings, important documents and kick start your promotion today!

Today’s blog has been bought to you by the FUTTOCK! Appreciation Society of Great Britain, putting Futtocks First since 1972. The F.A.S. is part of the CREVICE and CRACK Society and in no way is associated with the MANHOLE and BLOWHOLE Club.

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