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In With The New

The picture above was taken on Christmas Eve in the middle of nowhere and seemed a fitting image to feature on the blog as we both look back on a good year for the Impossimals and also Jayne’s hard work eventually paying off with the launch of her ceramic wildlife art.

So where do we go from here?

That was the reason I was stood on top of a peak on Christmas Eve watching an incoming ice shower roll over the hills; 2015. As the ice shower hit we both found shelter under a overhang of rock and waited for it to pass by. It may seem a little odd to cast yourself out into the elements on such a day, or even that we both ventured out in such conditions to walk seven miles across rough terrain but it’s doing this that clears the mind of trivia and starts the whole thinking process off again. In 2015 we need as much clear headedness as we can get as we start the countdown to lots of events we have lined up.

New Impossimals will appear around February, in March and April we will be back on the road with select appearances whilst back at the studio we may be painting a six foot dragon as part of GoGoDragons that will go on display on the streets of Norwich. By May we host an evening at the Michelin starred restaurant The Pipe And Glass with a special menu created by James Mackenzie and the unveiling of The Secret Pantry, a special Lost Impossimal created just for the event (tickets are limited, contact us if you would like more details). Summer is spent adding to the new Lost Impossimal collection which may be ready for October although this could change due to the complexity of the paintings and finally we are working on six new Impossimal sculptures and of course more work regarding the animation series, new website updates, two new Mission Impossimal magazines, over 250 new blog entries and thirty new Lost Impossimal stories.


We would both just like to thank you for your support and the memories you have shared with us through the Impossimals this year, it really does mean everything to us. In 2015 the world of the Impossimals is about to inject more smiles into the world but one thing is for sure, we couldn’t do it without you.

Have a great night and a fabulous 2015!

Peter & Jayne

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