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In a land of rounded corners with a house on wheels three Impossimal friends find adventure wherever they roll. Ever knitted a rainbow? Grown a cake plant that’s gotten out of control or even tried walking in super heavy shoes whilst you try to stop the moon?

I’m of course talking about the Impossimal animation series of which I saw the first thirty seconds last night before it was whisked off to the KidScreen event in New York and it was delightful, exactly what the Impossimals are all about roaming free in a whimsical world without physical rules unemcumbered imaginations or any of the other baggage that exists in the real one.

It’s still early stages, the KidScreen event is a chance for broadcasters around the world to assemble and see what they would like on their networks in the future, a key event in the animation calendar. Putting something like the animation together is a far more time consuming program than I had imagined, already two and a half years have passed just to get to this point with plenty more work still to do but the progress is quite remarkable. The weirdest thing is the voices, I don’t know what I expected Impossimals to sound like but wow, it really does add a whole new dimension when they speak and interact.

Accompanying the animation is the Impossimals ‘bible’, basically a document that outlines the world, characters and storylines in around eight pages. A quick reference if you like that allows potential broadcasters to see future episode ideas and imagery key to getting people on board. Interest has already been widespread with approaches from many countries around the world and we were quite lucky to be added to the worlds top ten most anticipated cartoon series list a year ago and also to be interviewed in the worldwide Animation magazine in October.

All this has of course been in the background to our other creations but none the less has required a large amount of work from many people along the way, a network of people that have become friends and trusted guardians of the Impossimals and it’s those I would like to thank.

So we may have a little showreel a little later in the year to show you and possibly some more exciting news too!


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