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The NEW Home Of Blogging The Impossimal

Welcome to the new home of BLOGGING THE IMPOSSIMAL which after ten years has decided to go all high-tech twenty seven years later than everyone else and move to a WordPress site. So sit down, buckle up and prepared to be bored, amazed, nauseous, delighted and feel rakishly guilty as we trawl the gutter to bring you the unrelenting and unsettling mind of a mediocre artist of little repute!

With a 146 pages of rubbish to trawl through you will be here pretty much until Christmas, well, at least for the next few seconds or so before you denounce the blog as shoddy and unprofessional…READ ON…THIS WAY >>>


Don’t forget to visit our main website and the nine, yes, I did say nine new websites to launch shortly and of course frolic along to our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages for more Impossimal madness and pout along to our Pinterest page too if the mood takes you.

Welcome, stay a while, browse around and if you see anything you like feel free to give it a good old lick.

Peter Smith Collective is the personal studio of the Impossimal and Lost Alice creators and contemporary award winning artists Peter and Jayne Smith. You can find all the latest creations in one place and oodles of other Impossimal goodies!

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