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Holy Underpants, Show Me Your Bristols

Holy Cornflakes Batman, are they serious? Is Peter and Jayne really appearing at Castle Galleries, Cribbs Causeway in Bristol tomorrow?

I’m afraid so Robin, the tragic twosome will be there between 2-5pm.

Holy hankies, what are you going to do? I thought the Penguin and the Joker were the worst thing to happen and now we have this, two artholes cavorting around in a gallery. Is there anything we can do to save Bristol?

I’m afraid not Robin, unless…

What is it Batman?


And? Holy buttholes Batman, tell me!

KAPOW! Shut up Robin.

OWW! What was that for Batman?

Being a dick. There’s only one thing for it Robin, I must dress up as a woman.

Again? Don’t you remember last time?

I do Robin and I felt great! Pass me that suspender belt and lipstick, I’m going to gatecrash Peter and Jayne’s appearance at Castle Galleries, Cribbs Causeway in Bristol between 2-5pm tomorrow Saturday the 28th March. They won’t suspect a thing.

Do I need the rubber suit again Batman?

You do Robin, this time don’t forget the talc and the ball gag, we don’t want you squeaking all over the place. To the cross dressing fab mobile!

Holy lavender tea, this is going to be sweet!

If you would like to join Batman and Robin as well as meet Peter and Jayne they get yourself to Castle Galleries, Cribbs Causeway in Bristol between 2-5pm tomorrow Saturday the 28th March for fun, frolics, stories, dedications and cross dressing superheroes.

N.B. Superhero cross dressing event subject to change, not all superheroes are available to cover every appearance and some may even be in disguise.

STOP PRESS – The invisible man will be there!


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