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Here We Go Again!

After being invited by Don Gregor on behalf of Bluebird Care, a national provider of care at home to participate in GoGoDragons 2015 an interactive arts sculpture trail bringing around 80 large painted sculptures and up to 100 mini school dragons to the streets of Norwich our dragon arrived safely yesterday at Impossimal HQ to undergo its transformation.

Each of the Dragons have been sponsored by a local business, group or trust and the sculptures after being displayed on the streets of Norwich for the summer will be sold off at an auction on 1st October 2015. The proceeds of this project will fund the valuable work of Norfolk charity Break who support vulnerable children, young people and families across East Anglia.
It’s not the first time we have been involved with such a project, in 2010 we took part in the Elephant Parade, London and created the Impossiphant complete with spots, hearts and Impossimals which eventually went on to raise over £30,000 for the charity through its auction, subsequent limited edition miniatures and assorted memorabilia. We hope the dragon will help in some way to raise funds in a similar manner.
This weekend we start; measurements have been taken and rough ideas sketched out, we will be trailing the designs by sketching onto the dragon to see how they fit before approximately three weeks of painting starts to complete it. It’s looking like we will use extra materials to add to the structure in some way to make it a tactile creation and it will include NFC technology to make it a truly interactive sculpture, possibly with its own website and story that can be accessed in various ways through smart technology.
So here we go again, all this will be attempted whilst I carry on with the Lost Alice piece now in its fifth painting week and create the special Lost Impossimal for the Michelin starred night at the Pipe & Glass in May.
You can follow our dragon on Twitter at @sapphire1dragon or at @impossimal, all the dragons can be found tweeting away at hashtag #ggd15 and #gogodragons2015.
GoGoDragons can also be found on Facebook, Instagram and many other social media sites, simply visit www.gogodragons.co.uk for details of these and information about the charity the dragons are supporting.
Our fabulous dragon sponsor can be found at www.bluebirdcare.co.uk

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