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Hare Today

Not a bad start to the year, we have just entered the fourth month and I’m starting number 11,12 and 13 Impossimal paintings of the year. They are a combination of model constructed Impossimal pieces and others that have been developed directly onto the canvas from several sketches. They do look slightly different to each other as the ones that were painted from a model reveal more depth but the others feel more quirky if that makes sense.

So today I’m working on ‘It’s All About Me’, ‘Falling In Love With You’ and ‘Somewhere Only We Know’ a varied selection of pieces from humour to sentimentality. I suppose that’s the Impossimal theme this year, a little of everything as we are not putting together any kind of collection or tour but more of Impossimals that we wish to paint. Favourites so far are ‘Swingers’ and ‘I Got Ninety Nine Problems’, classic Impossimal paintings but there is also a return to pieces including the distinctive tall house such as in ‘Welcome Home’

I’m also using a new technique of overlaying sculpture on top of the oil paintings, it’s early days but the results are quite impressive.

So lots of new things developing as I plough away in the studio, meanwhile however Jayne is about to eclipse everything…

Jayne has been developing Foreverbunny for the past three months and this weekend she created some pieces that are simply quite stunning. Forget everything you ever knew about Foreverbunny these big hitting creations punch heavily above their weight now she has combined Foreverbunny with Foreverhare to bring you ‘Lord Of The Dance’, ‘Joy’ and ‘Field Of Dreams’. They are not available on the website yet as the website will be shortly disabled whilst everything is put in place with a brand new look and feel.

Looks like I have some stiff competition for studio space as the hares and rabbits take over and Jayne keeps producing piece after piece, some measuring a whopping 32” x 32”. Any galleries or publishers looking to work with Jayne to bring her Foreverbunny dream to fruition, now is probably the right time to contact her whilst I still have a studio left!


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