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Great Start!

The steam from the thermos coffee cup drifted up the windscreen as the olive I had been perfectly balancing fell from my fork and rolled between my legs. I bent down to rummage and dipped my sleeve in a tomato, the realisation that we had started three months of car park picnics sank in.

I loved it.

Sundays appearance was at the awesome Artmarket gallery in Cottingham as part of their food festival, a great event that had thousands of people packing the streets and packing out the gallery too as myself and Jayne joined the crowds for nearly six hours.

At times it was difficult to move aroun but the gallery had done a sterling job to say only two weeks ago this event didn’t even exist! Six foot high Impossimals line the windows, a stunning display of all the latest Impossimal work and Jaynes new ceramic wildlife art adorned the walls. This was a not-so-secret-pre-tour show that started off with a bang and the opportunity to find five golden hares, three of which was found within the first two minutes the others took a bit longer due to their devious locations.

As well as a full range of artwork we also had for the first time the new sculptures on display in all their glory.

A really great day; Michelle, Robert, Charlotte and Helen had done a fantastic job which makes appearances like this a breeze and we can’t wait for the next one.

So this coming Saturday we are at another busy location, this time Castle Galleries, Trafford Centre on Saturday 27th September between 1-4pm. If you can make it along that would be great as we would love to see you and tell you all about all the new work and dedicate items on the day and if it’s anything like this weekend it’s going to be awesome!


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