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Great Scot!

Now listen up Mr Bond, this weekends Impossimal appearances will be North of the border in Scotland. Got that Bond? It’s not all kilts and haggis, stop playing with that pen Bond, it’s not a biro its a sleep gas dispenser if you press it two…ZZZZzzzzz

Wassa? You bloody fool Bond, now sit still and listen.

You can meet Peter and Jayne at Castle Galleries in Glasgow on Saturday the 28th, that’s tomorrow in old money, between 1-4pm, apparently everyone is welcome so expect agents of SMERSH to be in attendance.

On Sunday the 29th they can be found at Castle Fine Art in Edinburgh, so don’t go shooting up the place Bond like last time, you are there to safeguard and maybe get yourself a little Impossimal signature if you can.

Full details of this weekends appearance can be found at www.petersmithcollective.co.uk

Be careful out there Bond, we have rumours that the Queen will be attending and we don’t want the spectacle that you created for the Olympics last year, she hasn’t been able to ride a horse comfortably since.


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