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Free Gift For Every Reader!

As a loyal reader you are entitled to today’s free gift of an Impossimal Secret Cupcake Cave Diorama With Rocking Impossimal (N.B. Some assembly required)

You will need a printout of this…

…and a pair of scissors (ask an adult first), some spray glue or Pritt Stick equivalent and a sturdy piece of card that an adult has allowed you to cut up.

Step One

Print out the free image on an A4 page and glue it to the sturdy card being careful not to glue fingers, pets or relatives in the process.

Step Two

Carefully cut around the shapes as shown above making sure you create a little curve at the Impossimals feet. Don’t worry about being too accurate at this stage as the final result will be disappointing no matter how accurate you cut.

Step Three

Take the Secret Cupcake Cave and bend it as shown above using a ruler to create a 3D wow. It looks so real you could almost step in there yourself.

Step Five

Next take your Impossimal and cut out a small curve from a spare bit of card, if you have thrown it in the bin go fish it out again until I say you have finished with it. Got it? Good. This curve will be your Impossimal rocker allowing it to simulate a walking Impossimal.

Step Whatever

Attach to the back as shown, add a strengthening piece if it remains floppy.

Step Pointless

From the side it should look like this, the rocker is in place. Gently poke your upright Impossimal to see it come alive and move convincingly.

Step Voila

Clear your desk at work and assemble your free items, voila, an impressive 3D moving Impossimal diorama. Make additional ones for friends and colleagues, create several to give away as gifts at Christmas.

Have a great day from all of us at the World Of Impossimals, don’t forget to let us see your creations you never know there may be a prize for the most imaginative.

Have fun!


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