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“Lost Alice” was shown for the very first time at an exclusive event held on the 6th-7th September at the ICC in Birmingham. Overwhelming response has been one of the biggest delays in getting all the information and photos ready for you all to see along with an enormous amount of background work but we are racing ahead to try and complete everything on our small Samsung phone with random Internet connection as soon as possible.

Time’s like this are incredibly frustrating so I thought I would fill you in a little more on what is happening behind the scenes. Lost Alice is probably the biggest creation over my Impossimal career, not only does it encompass paintings but also lots and lots of background material pulled together over a ten month period to help create the third ‘Alice’ book. This alone was a major task and we are still adding things and adjusting items to enable us to include the first four chapters in a special ‘Lost Alice’ brochure at the end of the month. The sculptures in the collection again took nine months to create and manufacture working with several partners in the UK and overseas, a logistical nightmare on occasions that finally paid off with some of the most detailed and complex ones to date, these look to be available again at the end of the month.

All this required a tour to allow collectors to see first hand and in detail the entire collection, around fifteen dates were chosen and galleries appointed over the last two months, again, moving and entire collection around up and down the country took a while to organise but we have managed to pull in a few galleries like Newcastle that we have not visited for five years.

An official release date has been penned in for the 26th September, in two weeks time when a special opening event will occur at Castle Galleries, Bluewater. Everyone, including you! is invited, on the day we will have a multitude of Lost Alice pieces along with marquettes, originals and assorted goodies. We will then start the tour spread over the next three months.

Hopefully the special souvenir brochure will also be available in time with four complete chapters from the new ‘Lost Alice’ story, this will be added to every month with additional chapters published online. There are fourteen chapters in total making up the book and plans are in place at the end to publish all fourteen chapters with illustrations AND twenty Lost Impossimal stories AND The Making Of Lost Alice in a special commemorative book called ‘Lost Alice & Other Tales’ pictured above.

So it’s all coming albeit not as quickly as we would like but a big thank you for the overwhelming support so far with so many pre-orders hitting the galleries and we can’t wait to share it all with you.

Lots of stuff to come we promise with plenty of unusual things, just ask your gallery what the secret is to the bases of the new sculptures, you may be surprised!

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