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Don’t Hurl, It’s The Sickly Christmas Post!

Ready? Prepare yourself, it’s that time again although I do sprinkle a bit of salt on the sugar after a while if you can bare to read on…

4Another year has passed at Impossimal HQ with another reason to say thank you to you, our family of Impossimal fans for bringing us so much happiness along the way and also to the galleries for their unending support to both myself and Jayne. It’s been an incredible year starting with four new Impossimal releases bringing a spot of fun with ‘Go Big, Or Go Home’, a six foot high dragon sculpture called Knickerbockergloria that went on display in the streets of Norwich, a special Impossimal evening at the Michelin starred Pipe & Glass with James MacKenzie and finally the launch after twelve months of hard work, Lost Alice to finish off the year celebrating 150 Years of Alice In Wonderland with a new imagined tale.3

Before you read any more and think ‘Oh no, he’s gone all sentimental and sickly, I’m gonna puke!’ I’d finally just like to say that after eleven years of painting and a lifetime of searching the Impossimals finally found a home in 2015 too, they found a place where they can grow and enjoy the type of gentle life they love and portray after we accidentally stumbled across a house we couldn’t forget. That again is down to you and we sincerely thank you for your continuing enjoyment of our creations.

Boy, that was sick worthy wasn’t it? Anyway, it’s Christmas Eve and if you are Scrooge you will be expecting guests, if you are Santa you have got one hell of a shift coming along, if you are the Snowman, well, the kid leaves you out in the elements to perish again in the sequel, if you are an Impossimal fan though we have a small little poem hastily written last night about Christmas Eve called quite simply ‘The Christmas Eve That Has Nothing To Do Whatsoever With Impossimals’

Read it to yourself, read it to children, read it backwards and Santa will come back and take away your presents but whichever way you read it put on a silly high pitched voice for additional fun.


by Peter Smith, a little known individual of little artistic repute aged 48 1/2 although he acts his shoe size.

Christmas Eve was silent, the bells rang no more,
For it was the peaceful, quiet night only just before,
As the children slept quietly a parents only wish,
Was for a Christmas spent in perfect family bliss.

The air was clear, there was magic that night,
As St Nicholas prepared his sleigh for the flight,
Piled high with presents for good girls and boys,
With eight special reindeers to deliver presents and toys,

At the right hour St Nicholas would smile and say,
“Dasher, Dancer, Prancer and Vixen,
Comet, Cupid, Donner and Blitzen, up, up and away!
We need to finish before it is day!

With a sparkle of glitter, whoosh! they were off,
Eight prancing reindeer rose quickly to the sky,
St Nicholas shouted with a glint in his eye,
“Faster, faster, fly, fly fly!”

If you are still awake and listen very well,
You might just hear a distant jingle of a bell,
Then you might just think “Oh, What was that?”
Before you hear more jingles of his hat.

A sparkly trail brightly fills the skies,
Some think they smell cooking mince pies,
Others hear St Nicholas as he calls,
The names of his reindeers, he knows them all!

For St Nicholas is Santa you may not know,
He comes from a land full of ice and snow,
He is also very jolly and wears a large red hat,
If you are rude you may even say he was fat!

But jolly he is and round he is too,
And tonight is the night his magical sleigh flew,
Right past your window and over your head,
To land hoof first on the roof above your bed,

St Nicholas finds your name then pulls out your gifts,
Climbs down the chimney for he uses no lifts!
If you don’t have a chimney don’t despair,
He has been known to reach windows with a chair,

Or through a letterbox he may choose to sneak,
Even maybe down a drainpipe making mice squeak,
Making sure you get something from his sack,
Don’t worry, Santa has never lost track!

So magically he will appear at the foot of your bed,
Making sure you are really resting your head,
Leaving your presents in a very special place,
One where he can only imagine your smiling face,

Gone in an instant, so too are brandy and pies,
Then Santa disappears and shoots off into the skies,
Leaving behind special memories to cherish and hold,
Of wonderful tales to tell children when you’re old,

So this Christmas Eve watch the skies,
Sniff the air for a hint of mince pies,
For Santa is ready to visit your house,
Keep quiet, I hear him… pretend you’re a mouse!

We hope you all have a very, merry Christmas and a wonderful 2016. Don’t forget to join us and share your Impossimal Christmas with us over the festive period on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest which you can find at www.petersmithcollective.co.uk, we love to see your photos and comments so post away!



Peter & Jayne xxx

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