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Doctor, Doctor!

This weekend I decided to indulge myself in one painting that I have been dying to do for such a long time. It all stems back to my childhood fascination with classic horror films, I became so interested in the vintage stuff that I used to source any books that referenced the subject. Yesterday I rummaged about in a few boxes and found them again and spent the morning looking for inspiration to combine my fascination with the Impossimals and the classic buzzer game Operation.

Out came the cardboard to create a dungeon, balsa wood made a gurney and assorted wire, wood and cocktail sticks did the rest until I ended up with this.

The start of a painting, this is only the beginning though, today I am building a lighting rig to do all the fancy shadows because various bits are difficult to see. To the right is a spiral staircase for example, ideally that needs to be lit by flaming torches but I’m going to have to stick to LED’s, cardboard doesn’t like flames, well it does actually and I don’t fancy creating my own towering inferno in the shed.

I’ll keep you posted on this one, its not being painted for anything in particular although it is a Lost impossimal and it will have a story on the time line. I’m more interested at this stage in painting the intestines. How grim.


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