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Here’s something quite amazing, the gallery Castle Fine Art in Cardiff in which we made and appearance on Saturday didn’t actually exist in its entirety until 3am that very morning, an hour before we got up to get ready for the days travelling having moved premises from its Cardiff Bay location the day before, how dedicated is that!

The gallery director, manager and gallery staff all pulled together and pulled off the Impossimal with style, they even made a great Impossireindeer to sit in the window. Hats off to everyone at Castle Fine Art Cardiff, if your passing pop in to visit a stunning gallery space.

The day was busy, Cardiff is always a popular place to visit and as we approached the carpark the little spaces free boards started to count down. From joining a queue to actually parking the spaces free had dropped by over two hundred, a staggering amount for ten minutes. So we knew it was going to be busy.

 It didn’t disappoint, the gallery flung open its doors and in came the collectors. It’s large frontage also bought in lots of new visitors, testament to the galleries hard work.

 Plenty of photos to show but I’m not going to bore you with umpteen pictures of me on the day, instead, if you came along and had a photo taken and would like us to email it to you simply join us on Facebook and we will get it to you 🙂

 Trentham Gardens, home to The Original Art Shop in which every event seems to get busier and busier at this great gallery in a great location.

 Yesterday was no exception, right from the start we had to employ a ticket system, a system that had to be used for the whole appearance it was so busy!

 So plenty of snapshots taken, great again to visit, it’s like having a few hours with an old friend, you enjoy it so much you never want it to end.

A great two days completing a 446 mile round trip with two fantastic galleries and our thanks goes out to them both for all their hard work this weekend and leading up to the events.
Only five left before we drop off the radar and disappear for a long, long time. This weekend we visit Castle Galleries in Reading on Saturday and on Sunday we scoot across the country to visit Chelmer Fine Art in Chelmsford, full details can be found on www.petersmithcollective.co.uk

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