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Car Park Picnics

Oh no! The car park picnics are back next week!
On Saturday 7th March we will be appearing at Castle Galleries, York between 1-4pm for dedications, stories and numerous other things for an exciting Impossimal day for all the family. Come along for a chat, a coffee, a drink or a bit of food along with some fine artwork, all welcome no ticket necessary, hats optional, horse drawn carriages preferable.
Hopefully it will exclude previous appearance experiences like being licked from ear to head, having a large quantity of broken glass fall on me and of course three naked men in a toilet so it should be a pretty safe day. It does however herald the return of the car park picnic where we both dress up in our finest and find the dingiest car park in England to eat food, often surrounded by other bemused car park users that try and figure out just what and why we are doing it. We reply by raising our steaming mugs of thermos flask coffee and mouthing the word cheers back to them.
Unfortunately this does have side effects as witnessed in Cardiff when I mouthed word ‘Cheers’ and raised a cup of coffee to a nosy passer-by which unfortunately coincided with his opinions on a crucial Wales V England match that was occurring that day and it was mistranslated as ‘Big Ears’ to which the polite gentleman tried to extract me from the car through the ventilation system by means of my nostrils.
Other unfortunate incidents include the infamous ‘FOX’ found HERE , several spitting incidents and a full blown armed robbery. Sigh, at least it made for a blog entry even though I nearly turned myself inside out through my sphincter.
So if you are in YORK on SATURDAY the 7TH MARCH between 1-4PM then pop in to CASTLE GALLERIES, we would love to see you and have a chat. 
I may even lick your face if you ask nicely!

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