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Caged Artist For Sale £10 ono

 Fresh from exploring a new brown colour and getting accosted in public toilets our caged artist ‘Peter Smith’ and his handler Jayne will be making two appearances this weekend, no invite is necessary just turn up on the day but please don’t feed the artist and never, ever mention the colour puce; it has been know to cause violent outbursts of flowery language as he tries to correct your colour terminology.

 Our first event is on Saturday 19th at Castle Galleries in York between 1-4pm. A delightful gallery which we last visited a few years ago. Here you can see our ‘tame’ artist posing for a selfie with gallery manager Marian just before Peter came over all queer and started Twerking to the Birdie Song. Pop along to join in the fun or just to have a little Twerk, they have big lollies too and that’s got to be worth turning up to see!

 On Sunday 20th between 1-4pm we wheel our caged artist along to The Art Marker Fine Art Gallery in Cottingham, who you can see are preparing with style for the event on the day with a stunning window display and a little bird tells me Michelin star canapés on the day too! We will be polishing Peter’s cage for this event as we know artists can be a rather scruffy type and he will be wearing his best smock and neckerchief so not to let the side down. Every one welcome, usual rules apply, keep all arms and legs away from Peter and don’t hand him a brush as he’s liable to do unspeakable things with it.

Here’s Peter enjoying one of our events from his personal artists cage and don’t worry, we throw a cover over him at night and when he’s travelling between events.

No invite needed, it’s all free and we look forward to seeing you this weekend for what promises to be a memorable mentally unhinged roughshod romp with possibly a bit of Twerking on the side.

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