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The garden is gradually coming to life with the addition of plenty of new plants and a lick of paint. It amazing how one can of weather shield can transform buildings, pots and even bird tables making the whole garden look a lot brighter than before.

The veg bed in Bunnyopolis has also started to produce results. We have had our first radishes, Aaran, Jura and Iona our three continental giant rabbits have started to enjoy the small carrots we have been growing as they help out with a bit of pruning. Several trees and shrubs have been rabbit protected to a certain diameter, the bits they can get to get snipped off and enjoyed which in turn keeps the plants in shape. This year the small veg plot has radishes, carrots, onions (not bun friendly so they are for us only), parsnips, courgettes and mini pop sweet corn.

Now the threat of frost has just about passed the greenhouse has received its first batch of plants in the form of tomatoes, cucumbers, chillies and peppers. Outside we have a herb selection and pots of beans, peas and two tubs of Sweetpea flowers to brighten up the studio.

The improvements in Bunnyopolis have been well received, now the buns can settle outside even when it rains should they wish to escape their five star accommodation by using the new open fronted ‘summer house’ or the victorian chimney pot. Two seats also make great places to enjoy the small bunny paddock we call Bunnyopolis.

Inside Bunnyopolis the residents are shedding their winter coats in preparation for a hot summer, life it seems doesn’t get any better and they pass their days lounging in their day beds before hopping around the garden until sundown.



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