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New design £50 notes are about to be issued as the old ones start to be withdrawn and the BBC has some sage advice on how to get old ones exchanged. Firstly go to the Bank Of England of which they feel the need to explain that it’s in London and if that’s not convenient simply send your £50 notes in the post.

Apart from not remembering the last time I have ever seen a £50 note may I suggest that sending banknotes through the post, especially large denominations may be a tad foolhardy. Instead simply disguise the banknotes in the envelope by filling it with gravel first, a much more sensible option.

Anyway, today’s blog is all about the blog. Do you read it? do you want it to continue? are you asleep yet with cataclysmic boredom? The blog itself takes on average seven hours a week to write five entries and sort out all the photos, over the years there has been over 2,500 entries more than 3000 images and according to my word document 1,273,262 words written. Admittedly most of the words didn’t make sense and there’s excessive use of the words lavish and rakish but all in all it’s been largely entertaining to some degree. Visits to the blog since it’s first posts way back in 2005 have broken 850,000 visits with regular visitors from 26 countries.

But should it carry on? It’s been an extremely useful tool over the years and helps to keep my mind nimble but it does come with a large drain on creativity, the pressure of always finding something to blog about has become obsessional in some part, pedantic in others. So I am on the verge of a decision, do I either…

A) Carry on writing the blog five days a week as it’s rather amusing.

B) Carry on writing the blog on Monday, Wednesday and Friday each week.

C) Write the blog once a week.

D) Stop the blog altogether.

E) I haven’t read any of the above but I choose E) as my answer.

F) I once described myself as lavishly rakish.


One final question, why do you dear reader read the blog?

1) For amusement.

2) Out of habit.

3) Because it’s mentally unstable.

4) Because I like Impossimals.

5) I was bored.

6) I like the words lavish and rakish.

7) It’s an informative collection of entertaining drivel that I cannot find in any supermarkets and must visit the boutique ‘Blogging The Impossimal’ for my daily fix.

8) What’s a blog?

So dear treasured blog reader if you do read the blog please let me know on Facebook comments or twitter what you would like it to be in the future.

The blog is firmly in your hands, please handle firmly.

Today’s blog has been bought to you by the words lavish and rakish along with the number 1,273,262.


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