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Some of you may have seen the golden hares on our World Of Impossimals facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/impossimals) and wondered what on earth they have to do with the Impossimals, well they are celebrating two events. The first is the ten years since the Impossimals were first published and secondly that Jayne who has been with the Impossimals all this time now produces ceramic wildlife artwork that will be on display along side the Impossimals in the joint appearances later this year, truly a memorable ten year anniversary.

So combining everything in a special in a gold ceramic technology stuffed creation based on the first ever true Impossimal and inspiration ‘Oscar’ our house rabbit was a no brainer, its what the golden hares do that’s impressive. Only 150 exist and these will be handed out at the trade only event in just over a week and a half time, other golden hares will be available but these will be hidden in galleries during our appearances for collectors to find and keep.

Each hare is uniquely numbered and named, the reason behind this will become more apparent from the 7th September. Each hare will have to be registered to its keeper, so once taken or found it can only have one valid owner.

We always like to bring you something a little different; the World Of Impossimals is a deceptive place which from it’s simple outlook can seem very straightforward but all that’s about to change. September 2014 is the opening of a larger more complex World Of Impossimals that will take you through the next 18 months on a journey like no other.

Are you ready?

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