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Bargains Galore!

Straight from the studio that bought you Skewer Slippers comes the latest must have labour saving gadget, Scissorspoon 2000, the space age gadget that allows you to eat and snip at the same time. With its special ‘spoon’ simulators combined with the slicing action of its twin blades it will make short work of paper, pasta and slugs whilst feeding two spoonfuls a snip. Rated as rank by the Whattheflipisit Poll over 99% of people in our survey placed this device above breathing. (Poll taken in our office asking Derek the only member of staff and using the question ‘Do you still want a job here?’) For only £99.99 you can own this collectible cutlery and for a limited time only we will give you this free!
C-Rain Predictor ™

Our patented C-Rain(tm) Predictor Chart. Using the latest Catalogical Barometer you can now see the likely hood of it raining cats every single day. With its easy to read layout you will know accurately to expect everything from kitten showers to full blown tabby torrents. Why, you can even laugh as your neighbours unexpectedly get caught out and end up under a pile of pussies. For further enjoyment of this free gift we also recommend you purchase our Brollybounce to deflect falling cats and our unique Hooverminx to clean up all those strays left over in the garden after a heavy downpour.
Rated 10/10 in a category of one by Whattheflipisthat.co.uk.com.org.biz.xxx you really cannot get any better than this and it’s FREE!

As a special bonus to readers of this blog we will also throw in the Barry Manilow Radio, bop to Barry all day long at the Copacabana, sipping Manilows in your white linen trousers and sandals. From jingles to jives, from smooches to smooth grooves Barry has it all covered so you too can get that party started and be the talk of the town. The Barryboombox, only from Ronkaterrible, your one stop shop for everything you need and nothing you want.

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