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At the beginning of the year we deemed 2014 the year of the Impossimal and both myself and Jayne started working on a massive amount of Impossimal related adventures to increase the interactivity we have with all our Impossimal collectors, many of which we feel we now know as friends, friends that have made this journey so much fun over the years. The blog is only one such tool we use to keep in touch, to help we have now expanded to include Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn and more recently the new World Of Impossimals Facebook page and the World Of Impossimals online collectable store all of which keeps us busy with updates, new content and email queries each day. The internet used to be far, far simpler I’m sure, but if your looking for an Impossimal fix the are plenty of places to look.

We are currently trailing out a new forum system for our website, basically it’s like a localised version of Facebook and if it works we should have a nice little area dedicated to Impossimal chat and Impossimal finding. It’s early days, fingers crossed we will have it up and running by July.

Anyway, always trying out something new is what we enjoy so over at the World Of Impossimals since the start of the World Cup and whilst England remain in the competition we are adding one unique item to the collectable store that is only available for twenty four hours. All the items added are hard to find; in some cases may be the only one left anywhere or unique in some kind of way. Yesterday was the turn of the very rare ‘Happy Shopping’ greeting card which managed to last online for five minutes before all three were sold. For thirty minutes we also listed an Impossimal limited edition for, wait for it, 1p to keep everyone on their toes!

Don’t forget you can always join us on our page at https://www.facebook.com/Impossimals to view behind the scenes glimpses, unique Impossimal artwork, never seen before sketches and all the latest news with posts every day including the build up to the new Impossimal limited edition launch later this year. Or you could visit www.world-of-Impossimals.co.uk to watch for the latest 24 hour rarepossimal item to appear and browse some of the forgotten items from the Impossimal years. Finally you can locate Impossimal galleries, browse all the Impossimal releases by year, read all the Lost Impossimal stories and find the latest Mission Impossimal Magazine online at www.petersmithcollective.co.uk As usual if you want to see Impossimals out in the wild so to speak a full list of galleries that have Impossimal limited editions can be found right here.


Don’t forget we need your photos and articles for our next Mission Impossimal magazine so if you have something Impossimal to share be it a cake, photos, event or a story then get in touch at impossimal@gmail.com, we’d love to hear from you.

That’s about it for today’s blog, If you wonder why I have plugged all our websites and Impossimal stuff today it’s all down to one simple thing; to help the vast amount of new collectors that have joined us this year that are still discovering the Impossimals and posts like this help to pull everything together, simple!

I’m sure we will be back to the random silliness tomorrow as I am working on quite a silly piece at the moment called The Big Dipper involving a rather large pot of dipping chocolate…


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