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Balls To It

 The idea for what a load of balls had been knocking about for a while. An oil sketch for the idea already existed for nearly a year so I thought it was time to give it a go. As you can see from above my first model was a little uninspiring, just a head sat in a almost flat layer of balls. It needed some movement and to get that I needed to construct it in a bigger box and tilt it.

 The balls incidentally are actually old clay marbles I have had for years, nice and solid they threw great shadows when I lit it. See, much better than before.

 Then comes the construction, guidelines make sure the eyes and ears are level and I check all my balls for consistency, ahem, if you excuse the term. Slightly larger balls in front of the eyes, smaller to the rear of either side.

 A layer of white positions the Impossimal allowing me to gauge depth a lot more accurately.

 Eyes are added along with the first layer of colour then the balls, paying attention to accurate colour spacing. If you look at the balls they all have blobs of colour on them that has been wiped of many times, this was me working out the best placements for them. A rough background has been applied to help although I wasn’t too happy with it at this stage.

 Nearly there, just one last colour to add but boy does the bright background look a little too clinical?

‘What A Load Of Balls’ Oil on board, 2014

It certainly did so after a few days drying it went back into the studio and I toyed around with it until you see the image we now have in the galleries. All in all around two weeks work plus the model making from an idea created a year ago. Boy, sometimes it takes a while for a painting to come together!

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