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It’s been a very, very long time since I have had the time to update the blog with a new entry, it did used to get updated most days with various surreal and strange entries but gradually the creative side of the Impossimals have taken over my waking hours. Fortunately I have a little more time at the moment, the studio is undergoing a transformation in preparation for the biggest undertaking so far in the Impossimal world but more of that a little later. So today’s blog is quite special, not only is it the first of 2017 but it’s also a little taste of what Impossimally things we have lined up for the next few years.

Lets start quite simply with the first releases expected mid-February – Showstoppers; a collection of one limited edition sculpture and four limited edition prints that tie together last years collection perfectly and if our timing is correct too the prizes from our special Christmas selfie competition will be arriving on your doorsteps this weekend starting the Impossimal ball rolling for this year. We will also be visiting four galleries in Guildford, Leeds, Cambridge and Newcastle to finish off the Cup Of Tea & A Slice Of Bake tour, so if you missed us the first time round we are back again eating from carparks and over dressing for the occasion!

A new collection of art cards will shortly be available with a theme of love, rather fitting considering it’s quickly approaching that smoochy-coochie day called Valentines and later in the year we will be releasing a limited collection of charity art cards with the aim to raise over £2000 for our adopted charity ‘Saying Goodbye’ (click here for website)

In March we should have the upgraded studio completed and tackling the problem of the massive scenes and sets that we are creating for two new collections – The 7 Sins Of Alice and a third instalment of the Lost Impossimals – Sleuth. The complexity of the task and the sheer painting required to pull both these collections off successfully needed something special so in addition to being just a normal studio it will also be a mini-film studio so we can build the scenes, add the characters and ‘fly’ a camera down the streets and around the rooms we create. Lots of the images require specific additions like fire, water, smoke etc which cannot be imagined so has to be done for real. The first image requires two burning carriages on a tilt in a Victorian London street for example whilst others need an upside down room we can rotate as and when we need to. It’s a bit like Wallace & Gromit meets Salvador Dali with a twist of Tim Burton at times, exactly what we are looking for.

When the sun is at it’s highest and the land feels warm and summery we have lined up a Boutique surprise and by the time the leaves start to fall in Autumn we will be supporting, if everything goes to plan, the new Lost Impossimals animation series in Canne with our entertainment partners and animation studio.

So a busy year with plenty of new Impossimals but no exact firm dates for 7 Sins or Sleuth until we are both happy with our results but you can be assured plenty of surprises and fun along the way with glimpses, short films, photos and lots and lots of randomness as we prepare for the grandest and biggest Impossimal events to be announced yet!

Before I sign off and go to see how the new Impossimal HQ is shaping up I would just like to thank everybody who helped make 2016 such a memorable year for the Impossimals. The sheer number of collectors at appearances was overwhelming and the continuing support from collectors and galleries alike is actually quite humbling after doing this for twelve years, it’s something we never take for granted.


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