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A Second Blog Today? How Novel.

A nice day, what could be more refreshing that a quick few miles of aimless strolling. Part of where we both normally walk is a dedicated cycle and pedestrian path split into two of which I have blogged about its strange small and large symbols before. Today though we had a new source of amusement, rudeness.

Strolling along minding our own business when from around a corner probably twenty feet away came a child, probably aged around ten, riding a bike.

He suddenly stopped and with a yawping mouth and angry face raised his finger and shouted ‘Those people are in MY way!’

Yes, he actually said MY way.

Let’s just describe the scene a little more. We were correctly on the pedestrian side, he was on the pedestrian side too, there were no other obstacles or people for miles and as you can see from the photo above it was quite simple for him to move into the cycle lane where he should have been. Simple? Not quite.

‘Get them to move!’ He added, shouting over his shoulder whilst still pointing, the child was positively apoplectic with rage. His instruction was shouted at the rest of the family who came into view seconds later. ‘They need to move NOW!’ he added. Unfortunately the situation was then compounded when ‘dad’ and I use that term loosely said ‘Go and make them move then.’ Thanks ‘dad’ lead by example you stupid oaf.

A ten year old tearing down an empty path shouting ‘Get out of my way!’ almost busting a blood vessel in the process and cheered on by his family was probably not the best example of modern day parenting. It’s hot, it’s not my child. We were not in his way in the slightest unless of course it was to move out of the way of his enormous self importance and I don’t like frippery of any sort from rude ten year olds whose parents should know better than to egg them on to go forth and carve up pedestrians on deserted paths.

You may have gathered I was a little peeved.

As ‘dad’ got back up wiping his bloodied nose from the punch I landed, only joking! We both stood our ground on the pedestrian side of the path as the loud mouthed red faced monster approached ramming speed like a crazed jousting participant when at the last minute he veered away into the empty cyclepath and denounced us both as ‘wankers’.

Oh my, the rest of the family passed and widened as much as possible (which was easy for them to do believe me) to force us into the edge of the twelve foot wide path, each giving us evils for not stepping into the grass verge so their feral son could use his bike without encumberment and allowing their scruffy dog to have a passing sniff.

I looked at Jayne and shrugged, ‘Did you know’ I said cheerily, ‘That we are both wankers?’.

‘I knew that already’ said Jayne ‘But forgot to tell you.’

We both turned turned to watch them walk and ride away only to get what I assume was the result of many years of sensible, well balanced family life; a two fingered salute from the mother.


And that’s why there’s a second blog today.


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