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#4 & #5 Daventry & Milton Keynes

After such a fantastic weekend last night you would found me gibbering in a heap on the bathroom floor convinced the forces of darkness were out to get me. That probably takes some explaining but it all started when I went upstairs to switch the electric blanket on. Yes, I am old and have an electric blanket, got that? Good, I’ll move on. The little rug that sits on the edge of the bed had been removed at tossed over a chair in the corner of the bedroom. I didn’t know that so as soon as the light flashed on I saw the above picture. A figure, sat in the corner staring right back at me through the gloom bringing back memories of a television program from the seventies called thriller and a story involving a rocking chair and a faceless nun.

I squealed like a girl, I’m a bit like that you see and shouted Jayne as i retreated from the room. ‘what is it?’ She said, ‘ghost!’ Spsaid I, rather pathetically. It took some convincing but I was eventually persuaded it was just a random pile of fabric and encouraged to approach it and give it a poke. Everything went fine until Jayne shouted ‘Boo!’ as I touched it so really there’s no excuse for running screaming from the room down stairs and into the bathroom.

I switched on the light.

‘BOOM!’ Went an explosion and in an empty bathroom I felt someone tap me on the shoulder.

I instinctively dropped to the floor weeping, gingerly looking up in horror afraid of what I would see, what I saw was even more unexpected.

Balloons, or rather two balloons as the third helium filled balloon exploded with the heat of the light scattering its rubber remnants over my shoulders effectively tapping me from behind. I don’t enjoy nearly turning myself inside out sphincter first after such a nice weekend but such is life. I remembered bringing the balloons back with us but didn’t realise where they were being stored, guess I found out the hard way.

Anyway our weekend started with the usual, a nondescript car park that strangely didn’t smell of wee, in fact it was all rather clean but I’m sure that will change over the coming weeks.

Evergreen art cafe in Daventry, the first of the weekends appearances. Nicely decked out with Impossimals we walked in to the quirky gallery space to be greeted with set pieces for all the new Lost Impossimals.

Objects and props scattered around the gallery gave it all an extra special touch, I particularly liked this old phone next to an old tea chest.

The gallery was full when we entered and stayed that way from 11am to 4pm, a whopping five hour of fun. Lost of Impossimals found their new homes, smiles exchanged and lots of photos taken.

A big thank you to all at Evergreen Art Cafe who managed not only to pull off a fantastic appearance but also cope with a dinner time rush for their excellent food, fab!

Sunday was nice, bright and cheery, amazingly so was the car park and we opted for a rooftop view. As you can see it was completely empty when we arrived at 10am. In typical middle aged fashion we had bought lunch with us and eagerly popped open the Tupperware and broke out the rations. So with a mouthful of chicken, half a naan bread and a cup of coffee I made a great picture for the next car that came up the ramp. Out of somewhere close to 25,265 empty parking spaces available they chose to park next to me and watch me eat. Why does this happen? Am I an exhibit? The same thing happened last tour when an entire family parked facing us at one event and proceeded to mimic my eating between laughing themselves silly.

Thinking about it if you gathered all the CCTV evidence over the years you could put together a documentary of a couple of overdressed people that just travel to car parks to have a picnic and occasionally come back to the car with balloons or the odd cardboard cutout Santa as we did in 2010.

Does sound a bit strange doesn’t it, at least we haven’t had a repeat of the Reading experience with the most spookiest car park in the world.

I’m rambling aren’t I? So, on to Sunday and Castle Galleries who had not only decorated the gallery and hung the artwork perfectly but had included a fantastic display of goodies.

Yum, cakey things and sweets mixed with alcohol, couldn’t really ask for more.

Again the day went far too quickly, four hours came and went with plenty of collectors braving the roundabouts and concrete cows to come along.

It all got rather packed at times and again many Impossimals found new homes and new adventures to go on. Stories were told, pictures signed and again, smiles exchanged as we bought the weekend events to a close.

The events seem to be getting busier and busier, this weekend we venture up to Scotland for a two day 800 mile road trip extravaganza that sees us in Glasgow on Saturday and Edinburgh on Sunday. If you are in that particular neck of the woods pop in to the gallery to say hello, we would love to see you 🙂

Weird randomness returns to the blog tomorrow after i have been to have my eyes checked. No, really, I have got to go and have them checked which normally throws up a few random events that undoubtably I will blog about such as the time I had to endure an opticians burp at close range.
In the mean time full details of all the future appearances can be found at www.petersmithcollective.co.uk


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