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22nd March Artistic Poses And Possible Nudity

Our GoGoDragon is nearly complete, just a few tweaks and coats of varnish and after two months of work Knickerbockergloria prepares to leave the studio. It’s all part of a busy week this week as Jayne drops off a new batch of wildlife artwork and we both prepare for this weekend and an appearance at The Original Art Shop in Trentham on Sunday 22nd between 12-3pm

Always a very busy event, it’s totally free, just turn up at the Trentham Shopping Village just outside of Stoke-On-Trent for a fabulous shopping experience, beautiful gardens and monkeys. Oh, and two slightly deranged artists that will be milling about waiting to chat, dedicate artwork and to talk endlessly about Impossimals, dragons, food, what on earth the symbols A and the number 150 have in common and many other weird and wonderful things.

So feel free to pop in and say hello, full details below in a shameless promotional blog post that has managed not to mention underpants like yesterday or flatulence like most days but we don’t always promise not to turn up unclothed.

This Sunday, 22nd March, Mr & Mrs Smith appearance will be at The Original Art Shop at Trentham Gardens between 12-3pm, all welcome!

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