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200th Appearance Weekend Giveaway!

Before I start with this weekends appearances let me tell you about something special we have for the two events this coming weekend. We are having a 200th Appearance Weekend Giveaway, with a special signed sculpture, brochures and badges. For full details visit www.petersmithcollective.co.uk and click on the 200th Appearance Weekend banner.

Saturday saw a return to Kingston-Upon-Thames, our first foray inside the M25 to visit Castle Fine Art, a large gallery festooned with Impossimals and a sumptuous moody display to boot.

 It all kicked off at 1pm, unfortunately rugby at Twickenham kicked off shortly afterwards and we wondered if it was going to affect the appearance somewhat. But no, our fears were unfounded as slowly a trickle of collectors turned into a constant flow and the appearance gained momentum.

 Unsurprisingly the Whatabanker proved incredibly popular and we had chance to talk to plenty of collectors both about the Lost Impossimals and of course Impossimals in general.

Including the new owners of the Deluxe Charcoal ‘Slurping Sipper Slosher’ one of only six charcoals specially created for the entire tour.

 So a great day in Kingston with a great gallery crew to boot 🙂

Sunday was a total contrast for location, instead of the hustle and bustle of London life we visited Trident Gallery in Leicester, a family run gallery with a great gallery space and threw open the doors to a wealth of collectors.

 Many collectors old and new came along with many a dedications dedicated in between. The Tuppenny Pennysaurus’s disappeared quite quickly along with many other limited editions.

One original that was still looking for a home when I left yesterday that you may be able to snap up if you are quick was this, the first oil sketch that I did for the Wonky Wonder, a lovely small piece that outlined my ideas on what the whole scene should look like. Nice to see it again.

 Its always great to see lots of smiling faces and none are more smiley than the smiles in this photo which pretty much sums up the whole day 🙂

So a big thankyou to Castle Fine Art, Kingston and our Sundays host Trident Galleries in Leicester for a great weekend of events.

Next up, its the big 200th. Wolverhampton and Meadowhall.

Can’t wait!

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