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#13 & #14 Solihull And Manchester

Oh no! We woke up to this devastating scene, the wind had been so ferocious that it had literally snapped branches off our favourite tree! Luckily no one was hurt but it’s an experience that I will remember for the rest of my life.

Seriously, it’s been a rough night / morning for some and I hope everyone is ok. In Mansfield we have got away pretty lightly with wind no stronger than an elf fart, finally something to be happy about living in Mansfield lol

This weekends jaunt started with a nice little drive to Castle Galleries, Solihull for a double appearance with the subject matter of one of my new Lost Impossimals, the  Frightly Fun Count Porl. We always love visiting Solihull and the gallery, over the years the staff at have become fond friends making the appearance even easier. It looked great, a large original hung on the wall and Impossimals were scattered liberally throughout. We couldn’t wait to get started.

The event opened and nothing, seriously nothing. I checked my watch, was I early? Late? No, it was empty and my heart sank…

Not for long! Nobody wanted to be first so they all came together and the gallery went from empty to full for a great event that left us extending the appearance time until nearly six’o’clock’, Yay!

 Plenty of collectors came along with quite a varied collection, we had Impossimals dating from as far back as 2006 bought along so I could dedicate the back board.

 Count Porl was there to add a little spice to the mix with his usual unusual antics which made dedications even more Frightfully extravagant.

 As you can see here, spookily spinetinglingly gruesomeable Impossimally dedicated on the day. Fab!

 Sunday was Castle Galleries, Trafford Centre in Manchester, look at the funky window display, it was great and even had cobwebs added for effect.

 After a four year absence we didn’t really know what to expect but wow, did it get busy, it got so busy at times that it was all hands on deck and we had to dispense with the photo taking so only have a few choice snippets to post.

 Dedications can be a personal thing as you can see from this picture, a dedication to a daughter on her wedding day. I made sure there was enough space for a proud mum and dad to sign it too and complete their personal message.

A great weekend, finishing on another extended appearance before we dashed off ahead of the looming storm and into traffic jam after traffic jam as armageddon approached.

All the remains is to thank both galleries for all their hard work making our life so easy on the day and we both look forward to returning sometime in the future.

Next up on our national tour is a little more local, Saturday 2nd November we are at Limited2Art in Bawtry and on Sunday 3rd our first ever visit to the Original Art Shop in Derby, full details of these and all our other events can be found at www.petersmithcollective.co.uk

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