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Mis i g Let ers

Oh dear, it seems some of the words have fallen off today’s innocent little blog, can you fit them all back in? To help you all the missing words at the bottom to print out.As the horse _____ the nun pulled her _____ and gave him a jolly good _____. The vicar who was passing […]


I awoke to the sound of a pig oinking as my beautiful farm clock struck 5am, I sat up and stretched putting on my Hammer Toe Strap to straighten my crooked toes and easing my feet into my all day memory foam comfort shoes, shoes so comfortable they could be slippers. My elegant Josephine unisex […]

Oooh, It’s A Girl!

Really? Did I really look like that in the 70’s? Unfortunately yes, bowl cut and all. Delving back into my childhood as part of the process to bring the Impossimal version of Alice In Wonderland alive. It’s always a hard but necessary step looking back when creating Impossimals to retain the quirky naivety in my […]

Clip Clop

I’m Dixie Normous owner and stylist at Trotting Clippers an exclusive hair studio in the heart of Mansfield. We offer competitive clips, comfortable clops and styles you wouldn’t believe, we are stylists to the stars and are the first to offer the ‘Rip Strip’ the excruciating painful way to have a perfect bikini line using […]


The eclipse was a total let down, we experienced what could be only described as a dull day as opposed to the ‘plunged into darkness with no birdsong’ type of thing we expected but it wasn’t the end of the world as predicted so yesterday we both made a return to The Original Art Shop, […]

I’m Wearing Pantaloons

Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall, Humpty Dumpty had a great ball, All the kings horses and all the kings men, Started to call him Odd Ball again.   Mary had a little lamb, She also had some pies, What was in them was probably horse, And the packaging was all lies.   Baa baa […]


Bunnyopolis is just getting over winter and starting to be a little more spring like. Aaran, Jura and Iona have started to spend more and more time outdoors as the little buds start to appear on the apple trees and small shoots of fresh grass appear and gets nibbled away rather quickly. As the nights […]

Busy B’s

Since the launch of five new Impossimal pieces at the beginning of February Impossimal HQ has been a hive of activity. Launches always bring with them a heavy workload but this year we had the additional task of managing two unique events. The first is the special Impossimal night at the Michelin starred Pipe & […]


I am Rajah The Great, the only soothsaying tiger on Blackpool sea front. What may I predict for you today? Well, sometimes I think I’m a lion. I don’t know if it’s my hair or that I occasionally like to hunt gazelles in Tesco’s. Anyway, I would like to know If I should approach my […]

For Better Or For Worse

I recently replaced a bedside clock with the simplest radio controlled bedside clock after the old one inexplicably broke. The new one didn’t work so that was returned and I was offered an upgrade to a better, more reliable one. Oh my. I don’t remember asking for a chronological timepiece with temperature, moon phases, a […]