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101 Interesting Ways To Expire

I’m often surprised at some of the random things we get up to; some are planned, others come out of nowhere and others, well, others, just happen. Little did I realise last year that when we upsticks and moved Impossimal HQ after living for eighteen years in the same place that life in general would become […]

Things I’m Not And Things I Don’t

  I’m not… An artist that sends out random emails to people trying to get them to visit my house in Ontario that I don’t have. Looking for an assistant to carry my easel during worldwide travels painting spotted pigs. Have a significant portfolio of $10,000,000 to offer to strangers for safe keeping whilst asking […]

Hit Him! Right In The Goolies!

“The knuckles of Reginald Barker’s right hand thudded into Ricky’s spine, but Ricky scarcely felt the pain of the blow.” Wow! What are you reading? Sounds awfully violent and rakish! Thudding fists and spinal injury, why, it must be no other than the Children’s Dandy Annual for 1970. You can read the above line in […]

The A-Z of Christmas by Peter The Reindeer

Oh no! It’s that time of year again! Advent Calendars Twenty four disappointing doors with lacklustre images or chocolate, much easier to line up twenty four bottles of wine for a much more fun start to the day. Tip :Don’t buy the new Downing Street calendar, there’s nothing behind any of the doors apart from […]

R U Old?

In this fast paced world it’s so easy to overlook the signs of ageing. With new pop stars looking like kids and old pop stars acting like them it’s all so confusing. Take this handy cut out questionnaire to see if you are old enough to be considered for the scrap heap. How would you […]