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Sausage Roll Wreath? Why Fine Sir, I Shall Take Two!

 Festive season is underway with a popular online shopping channel selling the latest in meatery artistry the Festive Sausage Roll Wreath ready to hang on your door to greet guests with the aroma of coarse ground pork and a crisp flaky shell. But what else have these masters of meatery created for us this year? […]

What Sausage Are You?

A handy quiz to reveal your inner meatiness, are you succulent or scrawny? More chaff than chump? Answer the following questions and all will be revealed! How would you describe your body? A) Thin and bald. B) Lumpy with chunks of gristle in all the wrong places. C) Gloriously large proportions with chipolata fingers. D) […]

Speak Up, You’re Mumbling

Welcome to the University Of Proper English, we aim to educate our students in the principles of using the correct grandma and how to avoid embarrassing shiitake from over enthusiastic spell chequers. During our six week coarse you will lean how to spot mistakes as they happened. From spelling errors to languish difficulties our tutors […]

Have A Sausage

  I love a big thick long one in the morning, there’s nothing more satisfying than to have a mouthful. I’m obviously talking about sausages, that staple of the great fry up and something that recently has taken a battering in my view. Over the years during our travels we have stayed at many hotels […]

Last Off The Bus

Always be the last off the bus, remember that, it has served me well. Many years ago when I left school and started work I used to walk a lot. I walked to work, I walked to town during dinner breaks and walked home at night. These cars were a familiar sight on the roads, […]

Chez Nomnom

Welcome to our world famous two michelin tyres restaurant complete with complimentary swearing chef, waiters that will do their upmost to look down their noses and spit in your stew and of course our world famous cuisine made from the finest ingredients and plenty of chemicals to make things froth and bubble. In other words […]

Scissors Scissoring Sizzling Succulent Sausages

Free gift Fryday and your chance to wake up every morning to breakfast in bed with this superb Hide The Sausage Breakfast Mobile. You will require, two metal coat hangers, some string and a pair of scissors. Please get an adult to cut out the pieces from the screen if you are under the age […]

Free Gift In First Issue!

Launched today is a fifty two part magazine ‘Big Bangers’ revealing the secrets of successful sausage skills and taking you through the professional techniques needed to become a Master Banger. Over the course of the year your will learn how to create your own tasty sausage sizzlers using nothing more than offal, sawdust, herbs, a […]