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I love carpark picnics, a chance to dine from tupperware when we visit galleries for appearances but have you ever wondered why we put ourselves through it and all the extensive travelling? It’s certainly not originally out of choice, it’s more of something that has been thrust upon us over the years after experiencing varying […]

101 Interesting Ways To Expire

I’m often surprised at some of the random things we get up to; some are planned, others come out of nowhere and others, well, others, just happen. Little did I realise last year that when we upsticks and moved Impossimal HQ after living for eighteen years in the same place that life in general would become […]

Bro’Bot Episode 7 – Honest V1.2

In a never ending ongoing saga now approaching episode 7,  Bro’bot our superior artificial intelligence robot gets access to the t’internet… Morning Bro’bot, have I got something for you! Something serious I hope, something untreatable? Don’t be like that Bro’bot, you are going to like this. Really? I can’t remember the last time I liked […]