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A Night To Remember

It’s now less than three weeks before you get your chance to bid on this very special piece at The Mariposa Ball as part of our support for Saying Goodbye ( http://www.sayinggoodbye.org/ ) in association with HELLO! Magazine on Saturday 22nd March 2014 at the stunning 5-Star Landmark Hotel, London. This unique original features the founders of Saying […]

Valentine Tramping

Valentines day has become so commercial of late that the cashing in on anything love related is the norm but in these days of super scrimping what you need is a sensible guide to pinching the pennies whilst declaring your love for that special person in your life, I give you Valentine Tramping, the poundshop […]

The Keepsake

Last night I received a lovely email from Impossimal collectors Sean and Sarah Moore who had a innovative idea to use a piece of mine called ‘Happy Ever After’ from my All4Love collection released earlier this year as a wedding day keepsake. Each guest was invited to share their thoughts with the happy couple by […]


Looking for the person of your dreams? Someone who is always there for you, understand you, loves and accepts you as you are? Then look no further, our new Comp-U-Date service will do all the hard work for you. Fill in our handy questionnaire and press submit to find your perfect partner. PLEASE COMPLETE IN […]

Merry Valentine Christmas

A special occasion demands a special declaration of your love, what better way to do it than to use all those left over Christmas items. Think of it as up cycling your love and saving the environment not to mention its also a nifty way to get rid of those toe nail clippers you got […]


Two People, One Journey, Your Story. Over the years I have depicted many Impossimal stories based on family and friends, this year I wanted to share this with you in a very special way. Just reading some of the titles, ‘From The Moment We Met’ and ‘It Must Be Love’ conjure up mental images even […]